Linen Consultancy

Tuscany Linen is the fastest growing linen manufacturer/distributor that has roots in the Middle East with its production facility in Europe and India. We can provide consultancy for all your integrated linen needs. Our consultants have real life experiences working with complex business operations that involves linen products and its maintenance. We currently provide services to many clients in five different countries with our focus in the Middle East market.

Our client base is the pillar of our consultancy services, as we have been in this industry over 16 years collaboratively working with several customers ranging from premium to standard in defining their linen quality, service standards and products. We produce more than 5 million pieces every year that are shipped out to different parts of the world directly from our factories. Since we directly manage the production, we are able to control and maintain end to end quality to the products and services that we are very proud of and that makes us a preferred vendor for many of our clients.

We have robust supply chain, warehousing and logistic systems to meet your requirements in the form of an integrated Linen provider. In addition to providing linen consulting services to the hospitality and healthcare industries, Tuscany Linen also provides linen design services to several premium clients. Our approach to every assignment is impartial and tailored to our clients specific requirements and objectives.